Where to buy massage chair in philippines?

Many consumers choose massage chairs from brands such as Gintell, BENBO and Kemilng. You can get good quality massage chairs as cheap as 2, 449, 00 to as. The Macy 4D offers a wide variety of massage modes, more than any other massage chair in the Philippines. Includes full body massage, 3D manipulator, Thai stretching, foot roller massage, including fixed acupuncture point massage for rehabilitation of strokes, paralysis and other diseases.

Or you can simply enjoy manual control to massage the specific area of your body through its intelligent controller. Finally, it is also connected to Bluetooth to provide relaxing music during the session. Are you looking for a premium massage chair to offer realistic and relaxing massages that transport you directly to the best massage center in town? If so, the KEMILNG full body massage chair is perfect for you. With 4 rollers, it can provide 15 different combinations such as kneading, Shiatsu and flapping, among others.

Do you want to get everything you can out of every penny you spend? Don't worry, as the OEM 3D massage chair offers great value for its relatively affordable price. Complete with a zero gravity function, a total of 22 massage heads for the back and head, this device can simulate a traditional human massage through various techniques. The Macy automatic massage chair is a great choice for the whole family, as its large seat can fully support the back. Its 7 synchronous massage points can provide 20 different modes to relieve pain and tension in the neck, shoulders or lower back while improving circulation.

This model comes with remote control, warm heat and automatic shutdown to prevent overheating. We recommend that you consult the Macy 4D massage chair for a high quality massage chair in the Philippines. A luxurious massage chair with zero gravity function for an extreme level of comfort while receiving a massage. This capsule chair will give you relaxation and privacy during your massage session.

The luxurious EBUY full-body massage chair is perfect for those who need a break from the daily routine. Back and neck massager offers consecutive compression that can flush toxins out of the body and reduce muscle spasms. If you're not particularly picky about elegant and expensive designs, this spa massage chair for home and office could be a good choice. The 6 automatic programs make it easy to fall to the ground of relaxation, while the adjustable speed and intensity ensure that the massage is completely personalized for you.

For people whose lower body works the most, what you need is a massage chair with airbags on the leg part. This chair has been designed to treat your tight muscles and joints and will provide you with up to 15 different massage combinations that will best suit your needs for the day. With 7 different massage points and a large seat, it can provide you with much-needed relaxation while relieving any muscle pain and improving circulation. This massage chair has all the amenities you would expect from a luxury relaxation center in your office.

In other words, a massage chair should make you feel comfortable and relaxed and not cause pain. The zero gravity function is a great addition for you to fully relax, while the intelligent body scan detection and the self-adjust function mean the chair will fit your body perfectly. It will take you to a whole new place of relaxation with the surround sound of this chair while you enjoy your full body massage. All the settings of this massage chair are fully adjustable, from local airbag strength to roller speed, to suit your preferences.

In addition, you can fully recline this massage chair in a zero-gravity position to relieve strain on your spine. A relaxing massage chair that focuses on pressure points to relieve any tension that is causing muscle pain and stress. .

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