How often should u use massage chair?

You can use the massage chair three to four times a week for maximum effectiveness for back, neck or shoulder pain. If you use the chair to relieve stress or relax, once or three times a week would be fine. However, according to common recommendations, two or three one-hour sessions per week with a traditional massage are accepted. On the other hand, a massage chair should not be used more than twice a day.

You can use your massage chair several times a week depending on what you want. If there is a certain discomfort you want to target, you can increase or decrease how often you use it. This may seem too brief, especially if you think about the one-hour massages you can get at a spa. Thanks to regular sessions on the massage chair, massage will be more effective, thus becoming an excellent way to reduce the ailments that occur and will have long-term effects.

Sitting on a massage chair for long periods of time has no additional benefits: it's not that your muscles relax any more if you sit for another hour. When you receive your massage chair for the first time, it is important to use it in short increments so that your body can adapt to it. Like everything else, there comes a time when too much becomes bad for you and this is still true in the case of massage chairs. Due to the increasing number of medical experts supporting massage therapy to treat common health problems, more and more people are looking for massage chairs.

There are two types, the first is the traditional massage chair, which allows easy access to the back and neck area. Massage chairs usually come with a warranty for a certain period, but if they are used for commercial purposes, you should consider extending the warranty to a commercial warranty. You see, these machines have been designed to recreate effective massage strokes, such as kneading and other specific movements to help muscles repair after strenuous physical activity. The value you would get from using your massage chair properly will ultimately benefit you as a massage chair owner.

The frequency of use should also be taken into account when choosing the price range, since cheaper massage chairs would require the owner to use them much less than the more expensive commercial massage chairs. For those who are lucky enough to have a massage chair at work during the day, the massage will quickly remove tension from the back or neck, regenerate the body and increase productivity. If you only use the massager to relieve stress and relax, a couple of times a week would be enough. Massage chairs range in price from a $400 basic massage chair to a full body massage chair, which can cost over $2,000.

Improper settings of a massage chair, such as intense vibrations, can also cause muscles to stiffen. Like anything else good, a massage chair is only good and beneficial when used correctly and in moderation.

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