Are all massage chairs the same?

There is a lot to consider when buying a massage chair. What do you want your massage chair to do for you? What is your budget? Where will he live? A high-quality massage chair is a major investment and should not be done without some important considerations. Here are 12 key things to keep in mind when buying a massage chair. L-rails are extended rails that lift up where the S-rails end at the tailbone and continue into the seat of the chair.

L-Tracks extend the range of the rollers by 15 inches or more, allowing them to treat the buttocks, pyriformis and hamstrings. The Infinity IT-9800, for example, offers a slight reversal during which the chair reclines more than 180 degrees to gently stretch and stretch the spine. While no two massage chair manufacturers use the exact same design, there are some general design techniques that apply to most models. If you were to remove the upholstery from the chair, you would see a frame that supports a system of motors, gears and rollers.

In my experience, a mechanical massage doesn't feel as good as a massage from a licensed professional or even a back massage from a couple, but it's a decent substitute when you can't have the actual massage. The pump circulates the water inside the chair, pushing it through the nozzles to create the massage sensation. When you decide to take the plunge and buy the massage chair of your dreams, be sure to consider the roller range. While many of the massage chairs on the market are based on a mechanical approach, the inventors have devised other techniques to perfect the massage chair.

If you're looking for a high-end massage chair, you might see one that includes an infrared body scanner. They evaluated materials, build quality, comfort and style (unlike portable models, a stationary massage chair occupies an important place in your home, so you need to commit to its appearance). This is because, due to the amount of movement and heat it will generate, your massage chair must withstand daily and prolonged use. Some manufacturers of massage chairs saw an opportunity to incorporate these techniques into their own products.

But compared to other massage chairs (like this insult to interior design, which we didn't try), the OS-Champ is surprisingly stylish. Since many massage chairs are recliners, manufacturers have to design electrical and mechanical systems that can operate in multiple positions. The two models that immediately come to mind that have a knee massage function are JPMedics Kumo and Ogawa Master Drive AI. The OS-champ massages muscles with a variety of movements, including kneading, tapping, rolling, compressing and stretching.

A massage from a massage therapist is undoubtedly better for the environment than any mechanical massage chair, most of which are made of metal, plastic and leather (that is, more plastic).

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