Can a massage chair cause injury?

When sitting and relaxing in a massage chair, the muscles that protect the bones become loose, which means that a strong level of pressure can lead to injury, explains Masato Saijo, senior researcher at the Association for the Promotion and Guidance of Fitness. Pain after massage is normal. But if it's persistent and doesn't go away, it's something you should take seriously. Pain can result from a massage chair in case of a spinal injury and a slipped disc.

In fact, despite healing, it can aggravate the pain caused by a herniated disc. It is essential to see your doctor if you experience persistent pain and discomfort every time you sit on a massage chair. Yes, if you have an underlying problem, using a massage chair can make it worse. Massage chairs can also cause bruising and swelling if used too much.

Most quality massage chairs have combination massage programs to help you find the best massage for your needs. When you start getting massages from a massage chair, your back may hurt and your muscles may hurt. It's a part of the overall healing process your body is undergoing. A massage chair uses 3D or 4D technology to give you a back massage.

During the process, the massage balls perform several functions, such as kneading, tapping and tapping, to stimulate the muscles of the back. Massage chairs have become a popular way for many people to get rid of stress and tension. They don't have the same deep tissue massage that can be obtained with a manual percussion massage, but they can be effective. You'll find a variety of configurations and features on any massage chair and they can vary greatly from chair to chair.

Pain in a particular area after massage is also an indication that you have tension in that area. It can be disappointing to bring home a chair with all the main features, such as Bluetooth, improved 4D rollers, body scanning and more, just to feel pain after the first massage. Although you may not think about the side effects when buying your massage chair, they can make the difference between using the chair often and getting great results with it. As your body adjusts and gets used to the muscle and tissue manipulation that is achieved through your newly purchased massage chair, whether you use a spot massage or the full body options, it can hurt a little.

Remember, you increase your chances of hurting your back every time you use a massage chair that can't support your weight. Since your muscles are not yet used to getting massages on a regular basis, you'll have to take it easy. Deep tissue massage includes applying slow but deep pressure strokes to massage the inner layers of the back muscles. Although massage chairs are known to have few or no disadvantages, if you suffer from ailments, it is recommended to consult your doctor before using a massage chair.

Usually, these feelings go away after a while, but if you suffer from chronic muscle pain due to massage therapy, you may feel pretty bad about it or even feel dizzy. Effective massage therapies lower overall blood pressure due to the calming effect they produce. They are comfortable, economical and provide a therapeutic and stimulating element to any massage therapy session. If you buy a massage chair for your home, you can have a massage whenever you want, which can be once or twice a day or daily during the week.

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