Are massage seats worth it?

A couple of noteworthy notes include that seat massagers improve circulation on longer trips, as poor circulation can lead to muscle fatigue and neck and back pain. In addition, seat massagers can reduce stress and improve your mood, especially in high-traffic situations. They can also sell it as a safety and convenience benefit. Massaged seats will help blood flow to the back on longer trips, which in turn will prevent pain and keep the driver alert.

So are massage chairs worth it? We think so. Car manufacturers offer massager seats in select models that cost more. So for most people, massaging seats counts as wasteful. The seats have 3 modes and 3 massage intensities.

It is very nice to have it, especially for long trips. You just turn it on and your back will feel better. There is a massage mode called wave. It starts in the lower back and in a wavy motion up to the upper back, it feels very pleasant and relaxing.

If your mental massage (such as Brookstone chairs), you will be very disappointed, but the massage function helps ensure blood flow, which can make the trip more comfortable and long. While there is a wide selection of vehicles that come with massagers built into the seats, this is considered a premium feature that costs quite a bit of money. While this level of privacy may not matter to some, for others, such as those suffering from problems such as sciatic nerve pain, they may not feel totally comfortable getting a massage from a person. Or, airbags are used as part of a larger massage program, for example, a whole-body stretching program.

It's probably not as good as a luxury car that costs twice as much, but I did it on a 5 hour trip and I loved having that massager running. Once the basic massage chairs, not so personalized, have become real medical devices that can detect and serve individual users. Another reason? After a long day of skiing or hiking, you can enjoy a hot massage while driving the car. If you opt for a standalone device, you can take your car massager anywhere and everywhere.

Of course, massage chairs have tried to reproduce these elements that enhance the experience (music system, chromotherapy lights, etc. For example, on a Ford F-150 Limited, you can activate the Active Motion Seats massage by going to your infotainment menu. And the other one requires you to pay a large upfront fee, which is good if you need a lot of massages, as you can save money over time. Convenience aside, there are some things that a massage chair can do that a personal masseur cannot or cannot easily replicate.

Naturally, this is only the case with massagers that are separate appliances that connect to the vehicle. Having a built-in massage chair in your car may seem like a dream, but there are some ups and downs that need to be discussed. And massage seats are gradually seeping into the chain, so they are now available in smaller and smaller cars. The BMW 7 Series can accommodate five people and comes standard with leather upholstery, heated and electrically adjustable front seats, heated front armrests and heated steering wheel.

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