Does gm have massaging seats?

Massage seats are also available on the AT4X. GMC said this model will offer advanced off-road capability without compromising expected on-road comfort, technology, towing and payload capacity. Ford offers something called Active Motion, which basically consists of massaging the seats. It is standard on the F-150 Platinum and Limited trim levels and is available at King Ranch.

However, there are still cars, SUVs and even trucks that come standard with this feature. The Ford F-150, for example, has massage seats in its top-tier packages. They not only massage the seats, but they also recline to the maximum to a sleeping position. This is a spectacular feature for the long-distance traveller who needs to rest their eyes.

No one should be surprised that a mid-size six-figure Bentley sedan offers a massager seat in the rear seat. Like seat positions, massage seat settings can be saved to the car's memory once the optimal massage is found. If you've ever walked through a city mall, you may have come across massage chairs that you can pay to use. The people who benefit most from cars with massage seats are people with back pain problems and people who go on long trips or road trips and tend to feel pain from sitting in the car for so long.

The new Cadillac massage chairs are currently available in the Cadillac Escalade Platinum collection and in the Cadillac XTS Premium and Platinum collections. Lexus is another luxury car brand that you would expect to include massage seats among its options, and it does so in its LS series. If you drive a lot and suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, buying an SUV with massage seats could be worth it. This is how the current massage seats work, so it seems that GM is only looking for a new application of existing technology.

Lincoln also boasts that his MKZ offers a relatively low cost of ownership, further distinguishing the vehicle from others offering the massage seat option. In addition, passengers can choose the intensity and speed of the massage seats for maximum comfort and muscle relief. However, at the time, it was expensive to install this feature on vehicles, limiting the selection of vehicles that had massage seats. Five passengers can relax in the confines of the MKZ, although Lincoln's Active Motion massage system only treats the driver and front seat passenger.

The standard XJ offers massaging front seats, but in the long wheelbase version, the massaging thrones move backwards, a nod to their intended use as a chauffeured vehicle. Now these manufacturers are revolutionizing comfort with massage seats that expand the concept of luxury. It's also good to have heated massage seats if you're driving for winter sports, such as snowboarding or cross-country skiing.

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