Do massage chairs actually do anything?

Massage improves venous and lymph flow, manipulation of muscles increases blood flow. Increased blood flow facilitates circulation and absorption of nutritional elements in muscles and tissues. Increased lymphatic circulation removes toxins from these areas. All in all, this revitalizes the massaged area.

The science of massage chairs is a bit lacking. There are some studies that cite their ability to limit low back fatigue, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they should be a reference tool for triathletes. After all, more than 80% of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. And although massage chairs soothe muscles and offer relief, they can only reach certain muscles along the dorsal part of the body.

With a massage gun, you're in control. You can target specific areas (known as “hot spots”) and give them the special attention they deserve. Another study conducted on workers analyzed the purely psychological benefits of massage chairs. Using various combinations of massage and mental training, the study found no conclusive evidence of the benefits of massage chairs.

However, he found a reduction in the “somatic trait anxiety” of the control group that only used the massage chair and nothing else. Did you know that using your massage chair too much could also be bad? It turns out that it is actually harmful to muscles to use the massage chair excessively. Like anything else good, a massage chair is only good and beneficial when used correctly and in moderation. Like medications that can only help you in certain doses, massage chairs can help you cope with a number of conditions if used correctly.

From chronic back pain or chronic muscle pain, massage chairs help you relieve pain, stress, and even provide comfort and relaxation. Rollers, even on the softest chair, are powerful and are designed to work knots and rejuvenate problem areas all over the body. Its majesty in the food court will not soon be forgotten, but the legacy of the massage chair should be that of an expensive rarity loved by upper-middle-class parents, not a legitimate fitness tool that can aid in muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. The act of stimulating the muscles generates a good amount of heat, so massage chairs are expected to warm your body.

On the other hand, if you have occasional breakouts or just want to relieve stress from time to time, two or three massages a year may be enough. First of all, you should know that realistically you can expect a high-quality massage chair without the high costs. This is especially true if you haven't found your masseuse, the person who understands your exact needs and preferences, and instead you have to see a new one every time you have a session. New massage chairs are always introduced on the market, many of which offer the same features as high-end models.

It is also important to remember that the duration and frequency of use of the chair may depend on the body and general health. Simply put, these motors, along with gears, rollers and vibrating mechanisms, work together to provide the massage. Massage chairs allow your muscles to expand and experience more optimized blood flow, allowing them to support your bone structure with better results, allowing you to be more flexible and strong. So, a massage chair can “read your neck and back with body scanning technology, but does the massage feel as personalized as one from a massage therapist?”.

As mentioned above, the most common place to find a massage chair is at home with people who buy it privately. .

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